2004-2005 preview : From Gladiateur to Mamma Mia !

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So ? How was your summer ? Personally, I spent a lot of time watching the Olympics. I just love gymnastics and diving. And if there is one better thing than the invention of musical theatre, it’s definitely the invention of Lycra.

Anyway, summer is over and the new season is about to start. After a glorious season of Belles-Demoiselles-Gone-With-The-Wind, what to expect in 2004-2005 ? I have picked a few musicals that have raised my interest. It doesn’t mean they might be good. It means they might be interesting for various reasons. So here’s my selection :

Bellydance Superstars and the Desert Roses
Runs Oct 1-2
I never thought I would be interested in seeing a belly dance show some day. But reading the press release left me in awe. Names and bios are so inviting. See by yourself :

Amar has founded the “Bellyqueen” company (Note : I have a belly, I behave like a queen, can I apply ?).
Ansuya is a fitness teacher in Miami.
Bozenka has danced in front of Madonna (Note : me too, in a few days, in the pit of Paris Bercy for the Re-Invention concert).
Jillina has worked with the “Lollapalooza” and the “Sahlala Dancers”.
Petite Jamila plays bagpipes.

I just love their names and their jobs ! It sounds sexier than “Hi ! I’m Yvonne and I’m a journalist.” Next time I meet new people, I will try a line like “Hi ! I’m Sushibaya, I’m a Shalalala Bellygoddess Dancing Queen and I play harpsichord”. Maybe I’ll have more friends and most importantly : more dates.

Starts Oct. 1

The first Big French Musical of the season (BFM). Spartacus sings and dances. Will it be as boring as it seems ? Probably. But seeing sexy calves can make my day.

Chantal Goya au pays des rêves
Runs Dec. 18-22
For those of you who don’t know who Chantal Goya is, let me explain. She used to be a BIG star in the early 1980’s, singing songs for kids, about rabbits who kill hunters (so un-PC), rice-eating pandas and friendly dogs who go shopping. I used to love her. At some point, my mother even told me “You like Chantal Goya more than your own mother”. Now Chantal Goya is back for her grown-up audience who doesn’t want to grow up and takes us to “the Country of Dreams”. At her age, I really wonder what her dreams and wishes are. Is she still like “Oh look at this shoe, kids ! If we all wish very hard, we’ll make this shoe fly !” ? Or is she more like “My shoes are killing me. I wish I could go to bed right now” ? I just can’t wait to have the answer.

Don Juan
Starts Feb. 24
The other BFM of the season, a musical with gypsies, flamenco guitars and a lead who sings “Give me some pleasure”. My favourite thing about Don Juan is probably their site (the Canadian one, not the French one). Through the site, you can send a virtual rose to someone you love. Depending on the rose you choose, the message is different (“I love you in silence”, “I love you, do you love me ?”, “It’s love at first sight”…). It’s romantic but best of all, it’s free. Now if only the Chicago site could offer the same services, that would be fun. I can already picture the messages : “Can we skip dinner ?”, “Not guilty”, “Into your head”, “Go to hell”, “Run into my knife”. Less romantic but more realistic.

Bagdad Café
Starts March 11
For once on a Parisian stage, there will be a musical where the female lead is not portrayed by an anorexic 18-year old girl. Amen. Fat women rule.

Mamma Mia !
Runs June 21 – July 3
France will probably be the only country in the world where Mamma Mia ! gets such a short (but planned) run. I have to confess : I can’t wait to see it again. Yes, I love more “intellectual” musicals such as Sondheim’s Sunday In The Park With George or Jason Robert Brown’s Parade. But I have to admit, I had a wonderful time when I saw Mamma Mia ! in London. Why wouldn’t I ? I could only relate to these famous songs saying simple but oh-so-true things such as : “He’s a love machine (Oh, he makes me dizzy)”, “You’re a teaser, you turn’em on”, “Is there a man out there ?”, “I’ve been cheated by you since I don’t know when” or “The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall”.
I thought my life was Miss Saigon-like. But it’s more Mamma Mia-like. Oh well.

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