Time travelling with Bagdad Café

dimanche 5 novembre 2006 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

When I was a teenager, Bagdad Café was one of my cult movies. This bittersweet story of friendship and self-affirmation in the middle of the desert had an unlikely appeal to me. Although I was only 14 (or probably less), I could totally identify to these women. My little suburban city seemed as boring as […]

Are you ready for your close-ups ?

dimanche 1 octobre 2006 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

In my previous column, I told you how eager I was to start this promising season of exciting shows and hot male performers showing some skin on stage. Well, it seems like it even went beyond my hopes. Le cabaret des hommes perdus, with its not-for-everyone theme (the rise and fall of a gay porn […]

An all-female summer

vendredi 1 septembre 2006 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

What a summer! It seems like Paris hasn’t seen a single ray of sun during the whole month of August. How depressing is that? As for shows and plays, it seemed like most of the men had flown away on some secluded country, for which I didn’t have a visa. I had the weird feeling […]

Where’s the party?

lundi 5 juin 2006 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

I’m just back from my first Cannes Film Festival, and boy, was that exhausting. My friends told me: “Darling, you’ve been partying too much!” Hell, no! I haven’t been partying at all and the reason is simple: I haven’t been invited anywhere. Yet, life during the festival is exhausting. Especially when you’re not a star. […]

Hey, old friend !

mardi 2 mai 2006 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

I know. I’ve been quite a lazy b**** lately. Winter is certainly not my favourite season and when the temperature is low, I don’t feel like going out. That’s why I didn’t have anything to write about. I did attend a couple of plays but I have to admit, I slept through most of them […]

Muscles, champagne and temptation at Notre Dame de Paris

dimanche 1 janvier 2006 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

Last month, I paid my third visit to Notre Dame de Paris, the musical hit by Cocciante and Plamondon. I can’t say I would have killed someone to get a comp, but, still, I was very excited to go, plus, the Palais des Congrès is not far from where I live so it’s very convenient. […]

New York City Girl

samedi 3 décembre 2005 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

If I was a rich girl… I wouldn’t look like Gwen Stefani. Duh. If I was a rich girl, I would go to New York City more often. After painful savings (ah, the sacrifices), I managed to buy a ticket to the Big Apple. At last! My last trip there was more than three years […]

It’s good to be the King

mercredi 2 novembre 2005 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

Dear readers, it’s been a long time and I would like to thank the one person who inquired about me. After months of seeing shows that were not worth writing about (not that they were bad, maybe they weren’t bad enough), I’m back! How could I miss the opportunity to write a report on the […]

I have a dream…

dimanche 3 juillet 2005 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

Remember my last column, months ago? (Who said ‘no’ ?) Don Juan, the musical, inspired me to go to Shanghai to “spread love in the woods”. Well, I didn’t spread much of anything. Have you heard about the Chinese lady whose blog depicting her sexploits have been banned by the government? Well, that wasn’t me. […]

Love changes everything

lundi 4 avril 2005 | Par | Rubrique : Yvonne

These days, Big French Musicals seem to have problems finding their audience. Lately, the big productions playing in huge venues such as Palais des Congrès or Palais des Sports didn’t have the same success as their predecessors while smaller musicals in smaller places (well, in real theatres, not concert halls) such as Créatures or Chance […]