It’s so sexy to be a ghost !

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Do you believe in ghosts ? I do. Well, sort of. Not in a Sixth Sense kind of way. I’m not afraid of ghosts and I don’t sleep with a crucifix near my bed (unless I’m doing my infamous « Like a virgin » routine) . When you are raised by Vietnamese parents, you are taught that your dead ancestors are still here, somehow, somewhere. As long as they have someone to remember them, their souls will be peaceful and serene. Only the ones who have no descendants are condemned to be haunting ghosts. Talk about pressure to force you to have kids.

Since I have no plans to have kids yet, and since I haven’t find a potential father for my potential kids, I have started to consider becoming a ghost when I die. And since my life is – as always – a musical, I turned to musical theatre to find some sources of inspiration. Strangely enough, several ghosts can be found in French musicals this season.

Of course, Creatures needed to have its ghost. Performed by Liza Michael, this ghost is extremely classy and elegant, and wears a long white dress, of course (I know I already mentioned that dress in this column before). It’s so difficult to wear white when you’re over 15 that sometimes I wish I was a ghost, so I can wear long white dresses that give me an innocent look. Add a gardenia flower in my hair, and I’m willing to commit suicide tomorrow. When you’re a ghost, you’re supposed to look the same through the years, right ? How cool. Probably boring after a while, but at least, you can’t get older.

Another ghost is the central character (it’s even on the poster !) of La guinguette a rouvert ses volets, an exquisite new French musical. Gaspard (sounds like Casper to me) is a young man (performed by Phillip Weissert) who gets tragically killed in a sordid love affair. So he becomes a ghost. A quite sexy ghost I have to say. Can I buy a house with a ghost like that somewhere ? It’s probably easier to live with a ghost than with a man. Do they leave their socks everywhere ? Probably not. That’s my point.

There’s also a ghost in Zapping, but I don’t remember a lot about her. I was too busy dreaming about some (male) dancers (and some of their outfits) that I didn’t really care about her. Lycra can be so eye-catching.

Thinking about death and haunting can be depressing after a while. If no one remembers me when I die, if I have to become a ghost, at least I hope I’ll be a ghost with style.

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